USB guitars Mark Knopfler

USB guitars including live concert recording

USB guitars

<b>Project description:</b>

Mark Knopfler is undoubtedly one of the greatest electric guitarists in the world and is one of the "best-selling music artists" in music history. The USB sticks were developed specifically for the “Mark Knopfler Tracker Tour 2015” in the shape of a miniature guitar and produced using metal injection molding. The 4 GB memory was available to purchase after the show as a special souvenir with the live recording of the concert you had just experienced.
The miniature guitars were modeled exactly on the ones Mark Knopfler played during his tour:
A Gibson Les Paul, a Martin D and a Blue Pensa D.
The idea of a live recording of the concert is at least as attractive as the design, workmanship, practical use and packaging in the form of a miniature guitar case. Collectors can also purchase all 3 guitars in the corresponding “mini” three-piece case, stylish and perfectly protected.
The harmonious overall concept convinced the jury and won us the highly sought-after Promotional Gift Award 2016 in the "Merchandising" category.