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TRIK Promo: Fast and effectively to the target

The market for promotional articles is so multifaceted – and sometimes even unmanageable – yet the classical solution is still the best for certain purposes. Our standard variety delivers fast but effective solutions for every occasion for you. Whether for shortly imminent fairs or for spontaneous promotions: We would love to confer with you on how your message could be best placed. At the exact right time.

Flexibility and short delivery times

Maximum possible flexibility in the briefness of time. With TRIK Promo, you get more than just one standard promotional article. You get exactly that product form our assortment of promotional articles which fits your campaign. Customisable, impactful and immediately usable.

Promote with idea and effect.

The products presented here are a small selection of successful promotional articles and should be understood as list of suggestions.

For every article, you will find the key information and reference examples, finishing options and product options. All articles are characterised by highest possible degree of customisation.

Get inspired and talk to us about your wishes and ideas!

Please click here for a PDF version of our flip catalogue.

Wide choice of products. Great impact.
There are situations when quick action is needed. Direct marketing solutions for your product often demand a fast, uncomplicated – but powerfully impacting support.
Precisely for such cases, TRIK Promo holds ready a wide assortment of promotional articles. For timely, clear advertising solutions with concept. Naturally, we attend to you even here personally and support you with our experience of many years for a purposeful direction of your campaign.

With TRIK Promo to your professional advertising presence.

Uncomplicated. Fast. Effective.