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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and Suppliers

This code of conduct of TRIK Produktionsmanagement GmbH establishes the general standards concerning the working conditions which TRIK Produktionsmanagement GmbH considers as basic prerequisites for its procurement of articles.

While TRIK Produktionsmanagement GmbH understands that the suppliers operate in a different culture, different from its own, with different norms and values which TRIK Produktionsmanagement GmbH respects, it believes in certain standards which have a universal applicability and which must be set for all business operations. For that, TRIK Produktionsmanagement GmbH asks as prerequisite for a business relation that the supplier abide by the below mentioned principles.


Child Labour

The manufacturer may not employ children. “Child” is defines as a person who is not older than the local children who have completed the legal compulsory education.

Those under 14 years of age are also excluded. If they are older than the local legal minimum age for work or if they have completed the legal compulsory education, they may work.

The manufacturer must verify the age of the worker and keep copies which prove the right age of the worker. The TRIK Produktionsmanagement GmbH does not accept articles manufactured by children under 13 years or have been manufactured under conditions which can negatively affect the health, education or development of the children.


Prohibition of forced labour and disciplinary measures

Every form of forced labour, for e.g. effected by the deposition of a bond or the detention of identification documents from the employee at the beginning of employment relationship is prohibited. Prison labour which violates the fundamental human rights is also prohibited.


Disciplinary Interns / Labour Law

The manufacturer will treat every employee with dignity and respect and will not express or tolerate any corporal punishment, threat of violence or other physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassments or insults.


Equal Treatment

The manufacturer should maintain a clean, secure and healthy working place in concurrence with all valid laws and statutory directives. The manufacturer should ensure that the employees have access to clean water, sanitary washing facilities, an adequate number of toilets and fire extinguishers. There should be emergency exits and the work place should be equipped with adequate lights and ventilation.

Practices and conditions at the work place as well as dormitories which violate the fundamental human rights are prohibited. Young employees in particular may not be exposed to dangerous, unsafe conditions or those harmful to health.


Environment and Safety Issues

Procedure and standards for the waste management, handling of chemicals and other dangerous substances and their disposal as also for emission and waste water treatment must meet statutory minimum requirements or surpass them.



The salary for regular working hours, overtime and overtime compensation must meet the statutory minimum salary or industry standards or exceed them. No illegal or unauthorised wage deductions or wage deductions as penalty may be made.

The overtime payment will be calculated according to the legally stipulated tariffs, irrespective of whether the workers are remunerated by hourly or standard wage.


Work Timing

The manufacturer has to comply with the valid national laws and industry standards of working hours. The maximum permitted weekly working hours corresponding to the national law-making apply but more than 12 hours of overtime may not be performed. Overtime may be performed exclusively on voluntary basis and is to be compensated separately. Every staff member has the right to at least one holiday after six consecutive working days.


Freedom of Assembly

The manufacturer must respect the rights of the employees to collectively associate, to organise and to take action based on a legal and friendly manner, without penalty or interference.


Compliance of Laws

All valid national laws and provisions as well as the industrial minimum standards must be implemented. The manufacturer should agree to all legally applicable specifications to handle the businesses, including but not limited to the above mentioned points.



The manufacturer should assure that each of its suppliers and manufacturer signs this code of conduct, adheres to it and acts concurringly.
Checking of the Compliance

The manufacturer should show all contingencies and authorise TRIK Produktionsmanagement GmbH to support the control functions and to confirm the fulfilment of the code of conduct, including conducting announced inspections of the factory equipment and office and the checking of accounts and files related to work-related affairs and private interviews with staff members. The manufacturer should make available all documents from its side which may possibly be necessary to demonstrate the consistency with the code of conduct.


Corrective Measures

If the manufacturer has violated the code of conduct, TRIK Produktionsmanagement GmbH and the manufacturer agree on a remedial plan (CAP, Corrective Action Plan), which remedies the problem in a limited time. If the manufacturer deliberately or repeatedly violates the code of conduct, TRIK Produktionsmanagement GmbH can take adequate corrective measures which include order cancellations and / or the termination of the business relations with the manufacturer in question.



The manufacturers will undertake appropriate steps so that the provisions of the code of conduct are communicated to the staff members. The code of conduct must be kept in a place which is accessible to every staff member at any time.


Manufacturer’s Agreement

TRIK Produktionsmanagement GmbH is committed to complete fulfilment of the business dealings taking into consideration all laws and regulations and it expects the highest possible cooperation from the manufacturer and its buyers for realisation of this goal. It is therefore essential that the legal representatives of the manufacturer sign the code of conduct and provide with a company stamp. The understanding of the contents by the manufacturer will be confirmed by it and the agreement to undertake the stated responsibilities contained in it documented.


This code of conduct is valid for the entire time of the business relation between TRIK Produktionsmanagement GmbH and the manufacturer.

TRIK Produktionsmanagement GmbH attaches highest importance to the relationship with its manufacturers and believes that they share the standards described in this code of conduct.

We welcome your cooperation and look forwards to a strong partnership with you as manufacturer for our current and future projects.



Status: 06/2013