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Quality Management

We take responsibility

More and more people are interested in the product conditions of goods. Therefore, in line with our customers, we also see it as our company responsibility to ensure humane and environmentally safe working conditions. This means for e.g. the adherence to employee’s rights, the prohibition of child and compulsory labour as well as the responsible handling of nature and resources. We exclusively produce in regularly audited and carefully selected production plants.

You can be sure: With our promotional articles, you present yourself to your customers as an organisation that is conscious of its social responsibility.

We deliver trustworthy promotional articles!

Our products are constantly monitored by independent testing institutions. By this, we not only ensure the quality but also the observance of social and ethical standards.

We observe the European safety norms and the compliance to statutory regulations such as royalties and licence fees, take-back and recovery obligations, import regulations for specific raw materials and necessary certifications.

We assure you greatest possible sensitivity in handling your data: We have established an information security directive following the DIN ISO 27002 in our organisation which also stands the requirements of the VDA (Association of Automobile Industries).



Quality Management & Safety


Technical Reports

Testing of the mechanical and physical properties of products.


Material analysis

Testing of the products, for e.g. as per the law on food requirements (LFPG / FDA).


Code of Conduct

Establishes the general standards concerning the working conditions.


Product Monitoring

Our products are constantly monitored by independent testing institutions.


Company Audits

To ensure the adherence to social and ethical standards.


BSCI member

For sustainable working conditions in our supply chain.

Quality management in the production process

Here you can see the flowchart that represents in detail our quality management from receipt of order up to distribution.