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Not a restricted assortment, we give you a personalised advice!

You get target-oriented suggestions for products which fit perfectly to your quality specifications, your budget, your timing and the respective purpose. Graphic proposals for logo integration and impactful refinements as well as models make your promotional article perceptible even before production.

We deliver all important information about your options so that you can make an informed decision about your ideal promotional article.

So talk to us directly about your wishes and expectations and you will receive qualified concepts, product proposals and assortments which fit perfectly to you and your marketing goals – naturally in the best conditions and just-in-time!

TRIK conceptualises, creates and delivers exquisite promotional articles which are individually customised if customer desires. Our expertises are as diversified as the assortment of our promotional articles is multifaceted. Our high standards are applicable for product quality and service for all services which we offer to you.


Project description:

Product development of a display cleaner in the shape of the Porsche GT3 Centerlock (Central lock of the wheel rims). An original pattern of the vehicle part served as the template from which the tool for an aluminium die-casting was copied and completed with a microfiber coating. Additional foam padding prevents scratches on the device to be cleaned.
The product was used as a mailing piece in a marketing campaign.